"The Internet Isn't Going Away"

I'm sure many others have said this. I have a specific memory of the first time I said it ... and actually believed it.

It was February, 2000, in Galveston. I was speaking to a group of newspaper publishers who represented more than a dozen or so small daily papers. I was talking about the Internet, telling them about the general interest "city sites" that Cox Interactive Media was developing at the time in many markets, including San Antonio.

These guys were uneasy about the Internet. And the last decade has proven that they should have been. I told them that they needed to open themselves up to UGC (user generated content), and they rolled their eyes.

I told them they needed to unlock their archived content and leverage it to create traffic, and they scoffed.

I told them they absolutely HAD to charge for web advertising and stop giving it away with print ads, so that it would become an actual budget line for advertisers, and they openly mocked me.

And then I said it. "No matter how much you wish it would, the Internet isn't going away."

Of course, the last decade has proved me right. Many of those publishers have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Internet-ruled world of mass communications. Entire industries have been born and killed off by the changes brought on by the Internet. And now, more certain than ever, we can say "The Internet isn't going away."

- Glenn McLaren

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